We verwelkomen graag de Franse – Rijselse 5 ritmes dansers en een van hun vaste lesgevers. Velen komen wekelijks bij ons dansen en we hopen nu dat je misschien ook eens zin hebt om bij hen aan te sluiten. Voor deze fantastische dagworkshop. Deze workshop gaat door in het Frans en Engels.

Presence, this space where the body, the breath, the spirit find themselves for an awareness and peaceful dance.The practice of 5 Rhythms® gives the opportunity to taste those spaces, to put them in movement, to create choregraphia with them. Alone, with a partner or with the group, the right meeting become possible, some meeting in movement where each moment is placed as a beautiful gift of the life.

It’s an experience to find yourself with the rhythms, your rhythm.






Marc Silvestre is accredited and trained by Gabrielle Roth and her      fantastic team in 2011. He works in France and Europe. His approach is clear and intuitive, he gives the oportunity to each person to feel respected, in trust to take enough risk to discover all your capacity and your field of creativity.  

Practicles informations/ praktische info

21 juni van 13h tot 19h

Prijs 60 €

Booking/inschrijving :

danse5rythmeslille@gmail.com +33 6 64 30 63 11