A Dynamic Movement Facilitator Training – 2 years

with Nele Vandezande (Belgium) & Cathy Ryan (Ireland)

A training for our times. A training in togetherness as things fall apart. A training in resources on how to bring together self, community, creativity & prayer.

For who?

Whether you are already a facilitator, therapist, artist/healer or someone who has felt the passion, change and healing inherent in moving the body, this training will offer you a weave of skills and tools to enhance your offerings into the world around you.


We offer this training from all the years of our experience, a synthesis of who we are now as conscious movement teachers and people, what has grown us, guided us, what we have created and what has developed us into leaders  – this is what we’re shaping our training around – a synthesis of our own trainings in anatomy, physiotherapy, energetics, shamanism, theatre, poetry, diamond approach, therapy, meditation and deep enquiry. There will be an emphasis  on the weaving of anatomy, ceremony and creativity into the art of movement facilitation. See below for more details as to who we are…


Everything moves. Everything is movement – one way or another, up, down, in, out, shaken all about.

And shaken we are in these times. This training will offer you a way to bring some ground and holding, some hope and inspiration into your communities and/or work spaces.

The BISO training will enable you to hold groups of people, guide and lead them into a sense of embodiment and presence . Point them towards resources for togetherness, centering, opening, releasing and acceptance.

It will enable you to form or grow community with creativity and awareness, dance and exploration, ceremony and presence.

What you will study – Content

How to induce/invite/direct/support/seduce/support movement as a vehicle for fluidity, shadow work, release, acceptance and growth.

You will be taught how to use a very particular frame:
Focus – Breath – Movement – Rhythm – Space

In order to embody and invite our innate capacities for:

Midline movement on the horizontal and vertical planes
Rising and Falling

In each of these resources, you will be taken through experiential study, exercises, explanations and explorations for you to embody and develop in your own teaching.

You will be asked to create your own scores (plans/maps) for offering to others.
You will be guided in the use or non-use of music/sound to assist access to these resources.
You will be encouraged to use your own creative interests or experience to use in your facilitation e.g writing/drawing/art therapy/gestalt/mask work.
You will have direct experience of teaching your fellow trainees as a training ground and receive hands on reflections and feedback from Cathy and Nele.
You will be asked to run at least five sessions outside the holding of the training before you graduate.

Everything we do, act on and relate to as humans, resonates with a layers of the body’s anatomy.

Each anatomical layer is a gateway and is connected to specific emotions, thought patterns and a creative intelligence and spirit. Each layer has a different connection to earth and environment. By offering movement through the knowledge of these layers and becoming aware of these processes in the background, we support the dancers to realise the full potential in the dance and real life. This work, Bodyspirit, has been developed and created by Nele and Kurt (her husband).

Resources for working with emotional landscapes that may turn up for people – what do you do if someone on your floor freezes/fights/wants to leave? This is not a trauma training though we will be giving you tools and support for working with a range of what may turn up for your students as they move and travel through their histories and stories.

You will be shown how to open up the moving body to working with emotional energies in a held and boundaried way – we will look at fear, anger, sadness, joy, surprise and disgust – both the shadows and the healing power inherent in these fields.

You will have an embodied understanding of the Window of Presence and how to see it in the room and your own lives.

You will be asked to take one of these emotional landscapes, delve deep and come up with your own creative moment project on how you would facilitate and bring it to a group.

How to hold ritual and ceremonial space – out on the land and inside spaces.

You will receive a basic shamanic map for working with the elements, creating both boundaries and a field or container for prayer and healing work.

The nature of your creativity and how you can harness it in your role as facilitator.

You will be asked to utilise different creative parts of yourself – perhaps you’re a writer/a cook/a hiker/an artist/ a mathematician/an architect – and examine how this part of you may feed into holding space for others. You will be introduce to a variety of leaders in different fields who will come and talk about their work – their passion and their why, their soul work.

We will look at the art of presence, listening and noticing. What can you see and sense in a moving body and how might you articulate it as a facilitator. How does witnessing and being witnessed enable a sense of becoming, a sense of essence or true nature.

BISO is an experientially based body of work, understanding through your body and senses what is happening, what you’re experiencing and learning.  how you offer from there, what tools you can use to enable that.

What you will get

  • You will know how to create a frame for holding a group, a frame for leadership.
  • You will be able to give movement sessions, offer people rooted, clear movement resources to support a unification of the soul, spirit, mind and emotional landscape in the body.
  • You will receive a set of teachings on anatomy and the energetics of the body and the work of Bodyspirit.
  • You will have a solid and basic grounding in how to use music as medicine.
  • You will be able to hold simple ceremony and ritual space in your own life and as a facilitator.
  • You will receive deep support in a harnessing and continuous opening to your creative life force as a grounded, guiding intuitive intelligence for your participants to drink from.
  • You will receive a set of teachings on working with libido and sexual energy.
  • You will receive focused attention in small groups from both Cathy and Nele in between modules, and individual feedback as the training progresses during each module.
  • Each module will introduce a guest speaker from many different modalities on leadership, passion and soul.

Cathy & Nele

Nele Vandezande (Belgium)
Nele Vandezande (Belgium)
Cathy Ryan (Ireland)
Cathy Ryan (Ireland)

Nele Vandezande and Cathy Ryan were born in 1971. They followed their passion and curiosity for life and both fell in love with movement as a pathway to presence and awareness, a map to follow in order to  keep deepening into what it means to be human. They met 15 years ago and shared dancefloors, rooms, trainings as well as teaching and working  together regularly.They became very close friends.

Nele and her husband Kurt Pattyn are the founders and creators of Souldance  www.souldance.be and Cathy of HumansBeing  www.humans-being.co.uk .

Both are long standing 5 Rhythms teachers and founding members and faculty of Open Floor International. They are both homemakers and seekers –  always open to new possibilities. So much in common and so very different in certain aspects of who they are.

The horse and the bird – you will find out which is which and who is who!

Earth and water meets fire and air.

One moves from a deep understanding of the anatomical energies and physicality of the body, the other from a soul connection and deep understanding of the healing power of the arts and ritual.

At the age of 50 they find the moment to bring their expertise and experience together and offer their wisdom and work in the creation of BISO.

After teaching and working in the conscious movement field for so long, they are excited and passionate about what they can offer to colleagues and the training skills they can bring to a whole new generation of movement facilitators.

Questions you will be asked.

  • What is movement?
  • What makes a good teacher?
  • What is togetherness? Unity?
  • What is the true nature of joy? What is joyful about these times?
  • How do you cultivate your creativity?
  • How do you take care of your relationships – family, friends, colleagues?
  • What is right about breakdown, failure, pointlessness, boredom?
  • What is alive about these times? What is pointing to true nature?
  • What is ceremony/ritual for you?
  • What is clarity?

Tasks & assignements will include

Projects, Class plans, Soundscapes, Reading list.

We want you to be able to add this training, BISO, into your work field, whatever it is- to bring more juice to your work and how you offer into the world.

Or begin a brand new adventure.

Pre- requisites

100 hours of conscious movement practice inclusive of 5Rhythms, Open Floor , Soul Motion, Bodyspirit, Freedom dance, Azul.

3 weekends, of relational/emotional enquiry in a recognised body of teaching. E.g. 5Rhythms, heartbeat, Open Floor Therapy in Motion, art therapy, any kind of professional arts training, therapy work, deep enquiry/meditation work (e.g. Vipasana, Diamond Approach)

Programm, dates & Price

Modules – Cathy & Nele

Module 1 : 13, 14, 15 & 16 March 2025 – Souldance, Moorsele, Belgium

Module 2 : 18, 19, 20 & 21 June  2025 – Souldance, Moorsele, Belgium

Module 3 : 4, 5, 6 & 7 sept. 2025 – Ballymaloe, Cork, Ireland

Module 4 : 30, 31 okt, 1, 2 nov. 2025 – Ballymaloe, Cork, Ireland

Module 5 : 19, 20, 21 & 22 March 2026 – Souldance, Moorsele, Belgium

Module 6 : 28, 29, 30 & 31 may 2026 – Ballymaloe, Cork, Ireland

Module 7 : 24, 25, 26 & 27 Sept. 2026 – Souldance, Moorsele, Belgium

Module 8 : 29, 30, 31 okt. 1 Nov. 2026 – Ballymaloe, Cork, Ireland


Experts – 8 leaders in their field – Every module 1 hour (evening)

Mentoring – Supervision in group – 2 hours between every module – Cathy & Nele

Mentoring – individual – not included – Cathy, Nele or external therapist


Option 1 – reduction – 6650 euro 

Non refundable deposit of 1000 euro by September 1 st, 2024

2nd payment – 2325 euro by Jan 1st 2025

3th payment – 3325 euro by Jan 1st 2026

Option 2 – Full price – 8000 euro

1st payment – 4000 euro by Jan 1st 2025

2nd payment – 4000 euro by Jan 1st 2026

Instalments possible – not on the deposit. To pay by installments will cost 300 euro extra per year.

More Info

2 year training – over 2 fases ( 8 modules)

Fase1 – Module 1 & 2 in Souldance (Belgium), Module 3 & 4 in Cork (Ireland)
Fase2 – Module 1 & 3 in Souldance (Belgium), Module 2 & 4 in Cork (Ireland)

English, but when needed Dutch and French can be used.

1. Mail us and ask for the application form.
2. We will let you know if you are accepted.
3. If yes, choose your way of payment
4. We will send you assignements and you can prepare to start the training.

If one wishes to cancel or terminate the training early, the following procedure will be followed.
1. After the start of training :
A final interview will be held with the person in charge of the training course. The full course fee is due, no refund is possible.
2. After admission via an application form and payment of the first year and the student still wishes to cancel the course, half the amount will be charged.

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