Weekend workshop in Naarden (NL) – with Nele Vandezande

Human beings, like all mammals, are wired for relationships, wired for moving towards and moving away. Our cells know fear, hunger, longing, love. What by nature is easy for us, will get more difficult for most of us along our lives. We close off to protect ourselves. We learn that doing things on our own seems more easy. However loneliness and separation deprive us from the deep nourishment we can receive from relationships.

It is the Hunger for Connection we will be exploring over our weekend together.


Through the embodiment tools of Open Floor practice we will explore in movement the dance of when and how we open or close ourselves and how we also have the choice of distance or proximity. What would it mean if we could re-connect again without restraint, but with care for ourselves. The ability to find safe and meaningful connection with others is essential to our well-being as humans. To have embodied connections with others: gives us the capacity to care and be cared for; teaches us to express and receive love; helps us to learn and grow through connection; facilitates the experience of healthy attachment and differentiation. In this workshop we will explore all of this, we will get to know ourselves and each other better and we will see the beauty of all our approach dances, sometimes quiet and soft and then in full surrender.

*This workshop counts for prerequisite hours towards the Open Floor Teacher Training

Date : 26-28 February 2021; Fri 7-9:30pm; SAt 10-5pm; Sun 10-4pm; Friday eve can also be attended as an open class

Venue : Nia Moves Dance Studio (first floor), Amersfoortsestraatweg 16, 1411HD Naarden (free parking)

Prijs : 190€/175€ early bird if fully paid by 25 January 2021; 165€ early bird if fully paid by 25 December 2020; Friday eve only: 25€

Contact : linda@phoenixdance.eu | +31 611234228 | www.phoenixdance.eu