Multi-day workshop with Nele Vandezande and Kurt Pattyn in Moorsele

We live in a challenging, fascinating and extremely fast world with lots of possibilities and an enormous potential. The flipside of this is that it often brings along confusion, doubt and chaos. We get lost in a story, in external stimuli, and that’s why we lose sight of the overall picture and the essence. This 4-day workshop is about the path from ‘story’ to ‘essence’ : to allow us to make choices about major changes in our lifes,  as a guideline for the future. How can we get insights from within our core, make choices, understand situations, etc.

The “core” helps us to learn how to feel and understand the essence.

On a day to day basis, we are compelled to make decisions that are not so simple. Sometimes we reach a turning point in our lifes and we have to make important choices for the future. Connection with our “core” can help us with that.