The centering® growth path : Centered living

Centered living is a path to wisdom based on the Centering model.  It is an experiential growth path in which awareness plays a central role. The growth path is meant for people who want to make an inner journey.  You choose to dedicate yourself for a period of time to finding out who you really are and getting a clear view on what it is that keeps you away from living your qualities.


The entire trail is divided into 4 levels or 4 phases. During these phases, 4 parameters are being worked with : movement, rhythm, breath and focus. These are tools to deal with our body and our life processes. The power of movement was used in all ancient cultures to change people’s body and life. Through movement, we learn to make contact with our blockages, our talents, our strengths and our soul. Apart from movement exercises, we also work with meditation techniques, yoga techniques, energetic and ceremonial exercises, relational techniques, conversational techniques, etc.

Each phase covers one school year and is round up at the end of that year. It is entirely up to you to decide how many phases you sign up for. To participate in a phase, you should have taken the former one. It is absolutely possible to sign up for the first phase only. We work with a fixed group of participants and teachers/mentors with many years of experience in attending people in search for themselves.

Target group

A grow path is meant for those who want to find out who they really are, those who want a goal in their lives, or ways of living totally and freely instead of being lived. You are given the opportunity to explore yourself, at your own pace, your possibilities and the domains in which you are stuck and learn how to handle them.

Welcome, everyone

  • who wants support in his or her search in life
  • who want to create a balance between work, family and hobbies
  • who wants to get back at the wheel of his or her own life
  • who is at an important turning point in his/her life and has to make choices
  • who wants support for a career switch or another choice
  • who wants to get more insight in his/her own functioning
  • who considers awareness and becoming aware as a part of life
  • who wants to connect more with his or her body
  • who wants to learn about emotions and how to handle them
  • who wants to discover his/her talents and soul qualities
  • who wants a better view on what kind of relationships exist and how they work

There is also a growth path for people with specific complaints and problems, such as a burn-out, feelings of depression, problems with fatigue, stress, insomnia, the impact of chronic disorders, coming to terms with the loss of beloved ones, chronic physical complaints, difficulties after a divorce or the loss of a job, etc.


Phase 1: Alchemy of the body

Our physical body is often called the temple of our soul. We spend a lot of time on its surface, but rarely get to the deeper layers. If we want to learn how to let go, how to ground and grow towards who we really are, knowledge of and connection with our physical body is a basic condition. We can look at our physical body as the hard disk of a computer. Everything that ever happened and is still happening to us, is automatically stored in it. You can also see your physical body as the workshop of your life.

Nele Vandezande guides you through movement and dance, both playing a central role in the personal growth process, and she teaches you to open your body and get more access to the information stored in it. Furthermore, some work is done on focus, breath and rhythm. These are tools that help your body to release energies you are still holding onto. You learn how to connect more with the wisdom that is present within your own body. You learn how to ground and work on basic trust and bearing strength. Afterwards,  you can go deeper and make contact with the emotional, mental and energetic body.

  • What is grounding and what are roots?
  • How can I learn to let go?
  • How can I create basic trust and basic security in my life?
  • What is the strength of manifestation and how can I learn to create things in my life?
  • awakening the body: movement, rhythm and breath
  • bones, grounding  and rooting: the awareness of the bones
  • muscles and emotions: the awareness of the muscles
  • the wisdom of the pelvis
  • the wheel of life: level 1

Phase 2: Connections

This phase entirely focuses on relationships and connections. Our way of relating to others is mainly determined by our past. Emotional grounding plays a central role here. You get a view on how you function towards others, which people you attract and why.

You get to know your motivation and the dynamics in your relationships to get a view on recurrent obstacles and problems with e.g. your partner, children, colleagues and other people in your life. In this phase you work with your downsides and your qualities in relationships. We dig deeper into the wisdom and the strength of the organs and what this means in your relationships and your life. We get to know the strength and the downsides of emotions and how we can handle them.

  • When do I lose my energy and why?
  • How can I learn how to stick to my own energy?
  • What is projection and transmission?
  • What kind of relationships prevail in my life?
  • What is the purpose and the strength of emotionss?
  • connections: dynamics in relationships
  • emotional intelligence : strengths and pitfalls of emotions
  • words of wisdom: communication techniques
  • the wisdom of the abdomen
  • wheel of life: level 2

Phase 3: Cycles of life

This phase is about recurring patterns and cycles in life. To come to a better understanding, we have to go back to our genetics, education and ancestors. We work on mental grounding.

Why do you continuously revert to the same, even if you have dealt with it often? Why does the same theme keep coming back? What is the central thread in your life? You find out what your genes and education have given you and how you can let go of what keeps you from growing. You learn to awaken the qualities of your ancestors within yourself and experience the strength of the elements in your body and your life. Attention is paid to the mental patterns that are part of your life and you learn how you can transform them. We work with the energy of blood, fascia and respiration.

  • How can I let go of the past and change certain patterns?
  • What does ‘living’ mean to me?
  • What are the strengths of my soul?
  • What are my soul talents?
  • How can I connect better with the earth and what does this mean in my life?
  • Which element nourishes my body and soul the most?
  • breathing, life and spirit
  • cycles of life
  • strength of fluids and blood
  • repatterning: DNA and ancestor energy
  • the power of  “the mind”
  • the wisdom of the thorax
  • wheel of life:  level 3

Phase 4: Soul centering

In this phase we mainly deal with energetic grounding and wisdom. You get closer to the centre of yourself and deal with inner leadership and essence. You learn more about the energy of our origin and about the expansion of your life, body and soul. You start working with your intuition, your higher self and your guides and you learn how to connect your soul to you as a person, so you can apply your soul talents in your life. You get an overview of your life. You connect with the bigger whole and find out how this can influence your life. In the end we go where the ultimate source and the ultimate wisdom of ‘the sea of mind’ carry us.

  • How can I implement this in my life?
  • How can I learn to work with my intuition and see everything from a broader perspective?
  • How can I apply the universal strengths to my life?
  • How can I stimulate my creative energy? What is centering?
  • inviting the soul: soul talents
  • 4 spheres and the central channel
  • sea of mind: centering
  • wheel of life: level 4

Dates and prices

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Dates and prices

Centered Living

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Dates and prices

Interested in the growth path?

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