Therapy in motion – Dance and movement therapy – Series on Wednesday mornings with Nele Vandezande

Therapy in motion is a combination of 2 worlds: dance and therapy. Incidents, stories, convictions, feelings, etc … are all stored in our bodies and our movement patterns. Therapy in motion is a wonderful tool to listen to that movement by moving our bodies and by getting individual support to see how we can take a step forward.

Each session is structured in the same way. The first hour of the session, we will move our bodies according to the Open Floor principles. After that, each participant gets his “Open Floor”. The dancer then searches – together with Nele- what the body tells him. The group learns to observe and make the reflection towards themselves. This means we will move and share, and see how all of this can support us. Recognizing and aknowledging, experiencing the power and  language of our movement and explore it, are the key elements of this session.

For whom? For people who really want to dive into themselves, who are already used to moving their bodies and feel for working in group as well as one on one. And who are willing to be a mirror  for others.

How many participants ? We work in a small group, max. 8 participants.

Dates of planned series : 23/09/2020, 21/10/2020, 25/11/2020, 16/12/2020

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