Year group ongoing

A year training is a combination of different weekend or multi-day workshops, with one central topic throughout the year. During this year, you attend 4 to 5 modules with a fixed group of participants. It is an intense growth ‘path’, with an invitation to tackle this specific topic for a longer time. This topic is being investigated and practiced throughout the different dimensions. When you are dancing for a longer while, it is more difficult to avoid yourself and you automatically travel to deeper levels of yourself. Tools are being handed over to translate this into your daily life. The year training is a life changing programme, absolutely recommended to those who participated in open classes, series and weekend workshops and are ready for a new step into the unknown.


  • dates and hours :
    • module 1 : 1/06 (18u-21u30), 2 & 3/06/2018 (10u-17u)
    • module 2 : 7/09 (18u-21u30), 8 & 9/09/2018 (10u-17u)
    • module 3 : 11/01 (18u-21u30), 12 & 13/01/2019 (10u-17u)
    • module 4 : 31/05 (18u-21u30), 1 & 2/06/2019 (10u-17u)
  • price : 900,00 €
  • location : Souldance, Moorsele (Belgium)
  • conditions : minimum Heartbeat/Emotional Intelligence and 20 hours Open Floor Movement
  • teachers : Nele Vandezande & Kurt Pattyn

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This is a chronological overview of our activities : first in line is the first workshop to take place.