Open floor movement practice – year ongoing – Sunday mornings  

During this series, we work with the basic structure, with the connection of the dimensions and the link with needs in relationships. In a playful way, we discover the power of these connections in our bodies and in particular in our lives.  We expericience how and when this energy is present or not through dance and movement and we learn how to put this energy into motion. The final objective of the Open Floor movement practice is to integrate this experience in our lives. 

The heart of the open floor movement practice are the fundamental universal principles of movement, that support and deepen our work during movement and dance sessions. Through movement we investigate the different aspects of ourselves. A profound invitation to put the body into motion, together with the qualities of the different types of relationships. We work and move around the quality of the relationship with ourselves and our basic need for stability and self-acceptance. In addition, we take a look at our basic need for contact with others, the need and importance of being seen, the basic need to belong, and to find our goal in life. All of this is embedded in 4 dimensions : body (embodiement), emotions (emotional intelligence), mind (mindfulness) and soul (presence).

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In these exceptional times, it is possible that the classes or some of them can’t take place in Souldance.  If the Corona measures don’t allow us to gather in person, the series will be held live and online.  In such case, you will be informed in due time.